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Signing to deaf communities since 2006 
Teaching ASL - Children - Families - Signing at Events

Helping children & families grow & understand basic parenting concepts using music & song.
Teaching rules, promoting charts & loving the structured way to guide each family through Teaching respect, kindness & self awareness. A Gentle way to parenting with consistency, love & repetition.

Reviews Reviews

"I can't say enough about Ms. Marie. My children are so excited week after week attending her program. She is so kind, loving and nurturing with all of the children. They just light up when they are with her! She puts her ALL into her programs and is dedicated to each child. She truly is a one of a kind person and we love her!" - The Olson Family

​"Miss Marie has been my daughter's favorite teacher ever since she first started working with her over 2 years ago. Her love of movement is infectious and her patience and love for children is unparalleled" - Daria P.

"Our daughter began dance and theater with Marie 3 years ago. She loved the contemporary and hip hop classes, which soon transitioned into theater. We’re currently on our 4th production with Marie, and couldn’t be happier! She provides a great learning environment where the kids have a blast while maintaining structure. Marie is the best!" - Nowacki Family

"I have known Marie for over 13 years, as a co-worker and friend. She is an incredible individual with so much love and life to give. My son has been a student of hers and he loves her beyond just her teaching abilities. She goes above and beyond to leave a lasting impression in the hearts of everyone she comes in touch with. She is passionate and devoted to her work but more importantly, to each of her students and their families. You and your child will be blessed to have her as a teacher in more ways then one! " - Heather A.

"Amazing instructor loves what she does and makes the work interesting. She has high standards so you will be sure, you will dance like a professional!" - Natalia P.

"Phenomenal theatre director. Makes every production magical and come to life!" - Kristin F.

"Marie has taught my daughter dance, theatre and song since she was in Pre k , she’s 5th grade now and still enjoys being in her theatre classes! She brings out the best in performance and character of every child ." - Deborah Y.

"I met Miss Marie about six years ago when I enrolled my two little girls in dance class. Since then, Marie has been their dance teacher, gymnastics teacher, baby sitter, and camp counselor. Marie has a warm, gentle, and loving demeanor with the children she teaches. It is truly a joy to observe. 

As a person who has had a career in education for the past 24 years, I have met many teachers, and in that time, very few can stand in the same category as Marie.  She truly stands alone. " - Dana S.

"All productions are an overflow of the heart and soul.. wonderful!" - Shaheinda M.

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