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meet the director

​Miss Marie is the founder and owner of Miss Marie Poppinz LLC. Miss Marie has been a dedicated dance teacher across South Florida for over fourteen years. She also taught workshops in Trumansburg, NY with the Grassroots Festival, in Elmira, New York and hosts her own creative summer theatre program called "Shout Out on Stage". Miss marie has also been educating children through her tutoring program since 2016.

Miss Marie passionately pours her energy into creating, directing, and producing scripts and stage plays for children from the ages of three to twelve. Recent re-creations have included the originals, "Annie", "Beauty & the Beast", "Peter Pan", "Lion King" and "Wizard of Oz". She ensures that every child is allowed to be themselves.

Miss Marie teaches and inspires children to become leaders by channeling their energy into in a positive way through dance, music and theatre. The objective of the program is to help children build confidence, encourage emotions, maximize potential and teach stage and theatrical education. Miss Marie was awarded "The Best Drama Program" from Macaroni Kids in 2018. 

She has an outstanding cast of children who she has directed them in plays like, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" , "The Enchanted Rose", "Arabian Nights,  "A Spoonful of Sugar" and so many more. The children's theatre group is currently working on a modern day version of Lion King. Miss marie connects with children across broward, palm beach and dade county through learning, acting, dancing and so much more.

Follow Miss Marie on Instagram @msmariedance & like her Facebook page to stay up to date on the latest Broadway masterpieces and educational workshops.

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